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Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha

Solapur which is located in the southeastern region of Maharashtra is a multilingual city. The district which shares the borders with the states of Karnataka and Telangana has people who speak vernacular languages such as Marathi, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, and it is a multicultural hub. This city was once famous and known for its textile industries, but due to the shutting down of various mills and loom industries, the people were gripped by intense poverty. The majority of the population belong to the economically lower state of the society and struggle for a hand to mouth existence. However, not to accept defeat, like the proverbial bird ‘Phoenix’ the region is once again rising up through its own ashes and the flight has begun.

     The Padmashali Community having migrated from Andra Pradesh years ago are weavers by profession. Higher education was something unknown to them and the girls from this community were practically deprived of education. They had never entered the portals of a senior college. After their basic education, these girls had to discontinue their studies and just sit at home till they got married or add to the family coffers by rolling beedies or work as laborers (which are another source of earning income).

     Slowly, the community began realizing the significance of education and schools were started for the benefit of the girls. Then came about two junior colleges and the girls had to be content with the higher secondary education. They could not continue with Higher education as parents/ guardians of the girls were reluctant to send their wards to other colleges far away.

    Established in 1912, our management, Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha is one of the oldest educational institutions which caters to the academic needs of the underprivileged students, especially those coming from the Padmashali Community. The management runs 24 educational institutions which ranges from primary schools, high school, junior colleges, technical college, night college, and a woman’s senior college.

    Some elite members of the community realized that the girls being deprived of higher education were not progressing in life. Taking this up as a challenge, they decided to start a senior college for the girls of the Padmashali community; and thus came into existence A.R. Burla Mahila Mahavidyalaya in 1990. We started with the Arts & Commerce faculties. There were 35 students at the B.A. I and 4 students at the B.Com I level. Slowly but steadily grew the number of students and we are proud to state that, today, we are going a commendable job and along with the curricular, co-curricular and extra-curricular activities, developing the all-round personality of the students, in addition to making better human beings of them.

      Most of our girls are first-generation learners with no one in the family who has ever entered the portals of a college chiefly aims at equipping the girls academically so that they will not fall short at facing challenges.

     Having traversed these years through various obstacles and challenges, we succeeded in creating a name for ourselves under Solapur University, Solapur by the sheer magic of hard work, determination, and dedication. Today we provide a board spectrum of academic environments in the form of education that can match global standards. We are providing our students with the much-needed impetus in the form of courses such as B.A., B. Com & B.C.A.