Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha

Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha was established on 9th November, 1912 by the patrons of the Padmashali community. It is one of the largest and leading institutions in Solapur which constitutes 16 Schools, 04 Junior Colleges, 01 Night College (Junior) and 01 Senior College. It caters to the needs of 15 thousand students every year through the twenty two branches. The students are basically from migrated families, minorities and the economically deprived section of the society. The institution successfully celebrated its Centenary in 2012. Patrons of this community, by their selfless service and dedication towards education, carved the future of many students under the banner of Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha.

 The Padmashalis: Telugu Linguistic Society of Weavers

Padmashali Vinakar Samaj migrated to Solapur from Nizam’s protectorates in Telangana during the 1840s. They started with practicing handloom textile industry. On account of their expertise in arts and crafts, hard work and devotion, they established themselves in this traditional profession. Currently, the Solapur brand of Jacquard Chaddars and Turkish Towels made by power-loom textile industry has been achieving high recognition in the world market.

Establishment of Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha: 1912

In the 19th century, Padmashali Vinakar Samaj migrated to Solapur from Andhra-Telangana region and established this institution. Patrons of this community Vithoba Vaddepalli, Somanna Tati, Tippanna Channa, Tukaram Kanna, Vithoba Shapur, Hanumant Palli, Ramayya Mamadyal, Siddramappa Sarangi took the lead in establishing Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha. In the beginning, Vithoba Vaddepalli constructed the building from his own expenses and offered it to the institution which came to be known as ‘Vaddepalli Building’. Later Shri. Siddramappa Sarangi expanded the same building in 1929. Shortly the building was entitled as ‘Padmashali Building’.  They started libraries, adult education, night schools, Telugu language classes etc. in the beginning.  Such humble movement in the spread of education became the sacred source of inspiration for Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha.

 The Telugu-speaking students, especially from the Eastern part of Solapur, did not have access to education. Recognizing this, the then President of Padmashali Education Society Shri. Mallayya Chilka, Secretary Shri. Tukaram Kanna, Shri. Vithoba Vaddepalli and Shri. Mallaya Palli started schools for Telugu-speaking students. They began sowing the seeds of education in the society with the objective of empowering the poor and needy. During this time, Siddramappa Kuchan and Narayanrao Kuchan donated fifteen thousand rupees to start the school. This school later founded in 1943, is known as Kuchan High School.

The Renaissance of the Institution:

During the 1980s and 1990s, President Dr. Poornachandrarao Punjal, Shri. Mahesh Kothe, Shri. Dinesh Yannam, Prof. Vilas Bet, Prof. Shiniwas Kondi, Secretary Shri. Dashrath Gop endeavored to maintain the educational standard of the institution. In 1990, Ramchadrapant Burla offered his own building to start a school and a college which came to be known as Anusayabai Ramchandra Burla Mahila Mahavidyalaya and Ramavvabai Burla Primary school.

Some of the schools such as B. M. Pulli Kanya Prashala, Narayanrao Kuchan Primary School, Shriram English Medium School have been offering quality education.

Centennial Celebrations:

Padmashali Shikshan Sanstha has successfully completed the century long march on a difficult path, with a sense of commitment and devotion to the task of expanding access to education.

Currently, the institution endows education and caters to the needs of culturally and linguistically diverse students. It concentrates on the empowerment of minority families, economically weaker community and to those who do not have access to education.


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