LIBRARY Rules and Regulations

             The following are the important rules for the library:

1) Students are allowed to Library only on the production of their authorized college ID Cards.

2) No personal belongings and text books are allowed in the library.

3) Students should enter their names and sign in the Library Entry Register kept at the entrance counter.

4) Books should be handled with care. Marking on the books, tearing pages etc. are most objectionable. Strict action will be taken if found written, spoiled, marked or torn off the books, magazines, newspapers etc.

5) Using mobile phones is strictly prohibited in the library premises.

6) Issuance of library books is limited to two for a student.

7) Return of the books are mandatory before the due date mentioned in the due date slip attached to the book.

8) Borrow Cards are mandatory to issue the books. Students can borrow two books at a time after showing their Borrow Card for a period of 7 days.

9) A book issued can be retained for a period of 7 days for the students. If the user wants to retain the books beyond 7 days, he or she has to renew the books.

10) If the book due date falls on a holiday for the library, the next working day will be taken as the due date.

10) Journals, Magazines, Dictionaries, Encyclopedias are only for consultation within the library.

11) Students should immediately report to the library if they lost their Borrow Card. A new card will be issued after verification.

12) If the books are lost, then the borrower must replace the books of same edition or latest edition.

13) Handle the electronic devices like tablets, laptop and computers properly.

14) Eating, Drinking (except water) and chewing chat in any part of the library is not permitted.

15) We strongly appreciate SILENCE in the Library.

16) Users should obey library rules and regulations. Violation of rules or any act of misbehavior will lead to strong disciplinary action.

17) Contact librarian in case of suggestions or complaints.






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