Department of Ancient Indian History And Culture (A.I.H.C.)


Ancient Indian History And Culture (A.I.H.C.)


 Department established in 1991 the subject is limited up to second year. Paper No. 1 & 2 for B.A. – I, Paper No. 3, 4, 5 and 6 for B.A. – II. The results are extremely good. Above 50% students get first class and above 25% secure distinction. Students are encouraged to refer to reference books. Group discussion and seminars are conducted in the class. This also helps in self-learning. Their oratory skill has improved in addition to clear and logical thinking and studying independently. All this has increased their intellectual efficiency.

Remedial and Bridge Classes :

 Every year Remedial and Bridge Classes are arranged for the students. The primary objective of remedial teaching is to identify learning gaps and the specific areas where a student is having difficulty. This includes analyzing which fundamental concepts are not fully understood and need to be retraced.

The goal of the bridge course is to upgrade the lower proficiency level to a higher proficiency level. It also help students in updating their skills and knowledge.


 Certificate Course in “Themes in Early Indian Cultural History”

 This certificate course is arranged for B.A. – II Students. This course is important for students as they learn about cultural heritage. Through a proper understanding,  students will be able to connect and appreciate cultural heritage and they will be able to apply it their own life.

 One day National Webinar was organized on 3rd October, 2020 by the Department of Ancient Indian History And Culture (A.I.H.C.) and I.Q.A.C. Committee through the online platform ‘Google Meet’. Webinar topic was “Archaeology & Tourism Scope and Challenges”. The chief guest of this event was Prof. Dr. Ravikiran Jadhav. He guided every one about the nature and scope of Archaeology & Tourism with the help of slides.

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 We organized a One day webinar on ‘New Trends in the Research of Social Sciences.’ The Chief Guest of this event was Prof. Dr. Sanjay Gaikwad. He guided everyone about the major trend in qualitative research and the use of online and mobile platforms to collect, analyze and share data.

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We encourage students towards project work and poster presentation which is done very enthusiastically. Working on projects students gain analytical skills, problem solving abilities, communication skills, team work skill and creative thinking. These skills help not only for academic performance but also for future career success.



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Name : Mrs. Surekha N. Battul

Qualification : M. A. (History), M. A. (A. I. H. C), B. Ed.

Designation : Associate Professor

Experience :  33 Years
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